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The long and short of this section is a collection of select long-form articles and short films that have been specially commissioned by BFA as a tribute to our film heritage. In between, take a peek at what happened behind the scene of some gems.


‘Molina Devi would buy foreign magazines to check out and try various looks!’

Once upon a time, her circumstances were such that Molina Devi had to start her acting career at the tender age of eight. From being one of the dancers in Kinnari that was staged at Minerva Theater to becoming the quintessential Rani Rashmoni of the stage and the silver screen, Molina Devi made her way up through talent. Veteran actress
Madhabi Mukhopadhyay
revisits her life both on and off screen


The iconic Paradise Cinema has been a cherished part of Kolkata's cine history. Nirmal De’s Sare Chuattor marked its first Bengali screening in 1953, amidst a legacy primarily dedicated to Hindi films. From the triple-layered curtains covering its single screen to the chilled air from the running ACs wafting through its doors during intervals, each detail of Paradise’s majestic allure is still ingrained in the fond memories of its patrons. One such patron is Junaid Ahmed. BFA joins this Dharmatala resident as he recollects his days of being a witness to paradise on earth in this Bijoy Chowdhury film


Do you know that the famous swing scene of Charulata was shot in a garden on of the erstwhile Bengal Engineering College campus in Shibpur? Are you aware of what happened when Debaki Kumar Bose had accidentally chanced upon Tarun Majumdar's publicity design of Padatik? Do you have a clue about how Asit Sen learnt the fine art of low angle shots when he had first met Satyajit Ray at the DJ Keymer advertising firm? Read on to check out such anecdotes that happened on and off the sets of some of our cult Bengali films.