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What's remembered, lives. What's archived, stays.

Despite all our interest in nostalgia and passion for movies, too little has been done to document the history of Bengal's cinema from the previous century. The pandemic came as a wake-up call for us. As a passionate group of film enthusiasts, we decided to create a digital platform that inspires artists and audiences alike. That's how Bengal Film Archive (BFA) was conceived as a bilingual e-archive. At this one-stop digital cine-cyclopedia, we have not just tried to archive facts, trivia, features, interviews and biographical sketches but also included interactive online games regarding old and contemporary Bengali cinema.

Our labour of love is a work in progress and we hope you will enjoy browsing through our database, sharing details that we dug up from the sidelines of history, watching BFA Originals, playing online games and also contributing authentic information that you think needs to be archived for anyone who is in love with cinema from Bengal.

None of these would have been possible without the constant support and encouragement of the friends of BFA. 

Thank you Ranjan Bandyopadhyay, Kamakshy V and Saswati Biswas for your generous gesture.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Madhabi Mukhopadhyay, Nirmal Kumar, Goutam Ghose, Sugata Guha, Sanjeet Chowdhury, Pt Bickram Ghosh, Pt Tejendra Narayan Majumdar, Atanu Ghosh, Debojyoti Mishra, Supriyo Sen, Dibyendu Mukherjee, Bedabrata Pain,  Alokananda Dasgupta, Uzzal Kabir Himu, Ujjaini Mukherjee, Sandeep Lal, Debleena Bandyopadhyay, Sayandeb Chowdhury, Madhurima Dutta Choudhury, Niladri Banerjee, Anil Ghosh, Amitabha Chaterji, Sajal Datta, Supratim Bhol, Anjan Bose, Gour Mallik, Gour Karmakar, Gautam Bandyopadhyay, Debashis Basu, Sourav Sarangi, Bijoy Chowdhury, Geety Sehgal, Shaoli Mukherjee, Prabal Kumar Basu, Bijit Mukherjee, Devabrata Chakraborty, Mimi Bhattacharya, Amitava Barat, Surajit Basak, Amarjit Ghosh, Sourav Patra, Shayeri Das, Puja Banik, Subhro Sarkar, Aparajita Sengupta, Deepanjana Sarkar, Indrayuddh Majumder, Sunayana Basu Mallik, Anjan Bose, Arindam Dasgupta, Snehashis Patra, Siddhartha Dutta, Saswati Bandyopadhya and a host of collectors across the subcontinent. Thanks for lifting us from the morass of everyday reality and celebrating the magic of the marquee that is meant to be imperishable and forever.