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Bengal Film Archive (BFA) has authored, collated and analysed content from multiple authentic and empirical resources which was exhausted by its dedicated internal research team. The content is continuously being revised and updated. BFA has embarked on documenting information in few areas wherein information cannot be ascertained on a real time basis. BFA is not making representations pertaining to its accuracy and date of origination. Any information to further accuracy or any discrepancy of information may be brought to attention by writing to info@bengalfilmarchive.com

A few segments of the platform heavily collect, store and aggregate information from the internet and does not claim any proprietary rights on such material being aggregated, collated or filtered to organize the same into certain specific heads, analysis etc. BFA endeavours to aggregate such web driven information solely for the purpose of research, systematic archiving and streamlined presentation in line with overall thematic concepts. BFA disclaims any liability arising out of losses, gaps in fact finding and in-accuracy your own contribution will suffer due to you relying on such information for any commercial, academic or scientific purpose.

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Views/opinions expressed by the writer/columnists within their articles are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the opinions and beliefs of Bengal Film Archive or its affiliates.

All video interviews for promos/teasers/shows/reels/social media promotions for BFA and its affiliates have been created due to voluntary participation and contribution of those featured.


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