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This archive is essentially a celebration of cinema from Bengal through words and still images. Yet, no celebration of cinema is complete without a tribute from moving images. In this section, BFA presents short films about unsung foot soldiers, forgotten studios and ageing single screens who have silently contributed to make cinema larger-than-life. For us, their unheard stories deserve to be in the limelight as much as those of the icons who have created magic in front of the lens.

Hall of Fame

Basusree is not just an iconic single screen of Kolkata. It is an emotion. On its 75th year of inception, BFA Originals pays a cinematic tribute to this theatre, also famous for its morning jalsa on Poila Boishakh. And what better time to unveil this Bijoy Chowdhury film than on BFA’s foundation day that coincides with Noboborsho!

Yesterday Once More

The iconic East India Studio has seen some of the greatest of Indian cinema shoot on its premises. The studio had opened its doors in the month of July in 1932. What better month to unveil Bijoy Chowdhury’s BFA Original on it than now?

The Old Man and the Cinema

On Poila Boishakh last year, we had begun our journey with a short film on an iconic single screen of Kolkata. On turning one today, we celebrate the passion associated with yet another iconic single screen of the City of Joy. Rabin Seth, the nonagenarian manager of Chhabighar, would hop on to his bicycle and pedal some two km from his residence to reach the theatre. Unfortunately, Seth passed away on 30th January this year. But his love for cinema remains frozen for the screen forever in this Bijoy Chowdhury film. What better time to unveil it than on BFA’s first birthday?